About Me and Bug

So you have started reading my posts and you either want to know more about me or you are just bored and find that I’m a little on the strange side and can’t help but keep reading. Either/or here is some more info on me!

My Name is Cindy, I’m 34 year old a single mom, And since the birth of my little girl who I call Bug I have suffered from depression. I have been taking my “happy” pills for almost 5 years. And honestly don’t think I could make it without them.

Bug…..My heart my soul……My precious little girl. She’s is 5 years old  . But Boy does she know how to push my buttons, as well as ease my hard days. Just something about a little blonde haired blue eyed happy girl saying…”I love you with all my eyeballs!”  that makes me remember why I’m still so happy about life. Even tho it doesn’t seem like it at times!

Bug and I Share a bedroom in my Grandpa’s Condo. Pops’ is a 92 year old man. For being that far up there in age he is a spry little chicken who still has many years left in him. He’s not only the provider of a roof over my head but he’s also part of my headaches and stress. So I’m sure he will be mentioned as often as Bug.

Bug’s Father I will do my hardest to keep him out of this BUT I know he will be mentioned in my fits of panic and depression. Because he is a big player into putting me into panic attacks as well as depressed days.

Please feel free to do and say what ever you please in my comments because I love to hear what others think and feel even if it’s not the way I think.



  1. Thank you for following my Blog: http://www.babyboomersandmore.com. I am now following your blog and look forward to contributing in any way I can to be of some sort of positive input for your life. Bless you. From Irene in Redmond, WA who is also known as Boomer98053.

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