Posted by: shyflutterby | May 11, 2012

My little Dr….

Last weekend Pops was taken to the ER because he was having bladder issues. It was full and not going anywhere. Poor thing was in such pain that a trip to the ER was our only option. After lots of poking and pushing and twisting of his unmentionables. They inserted a catheter into his bladder through his belly, and have it stitched in place. Bug was at her Dads that weekend so luckily she didn’t have to sit in the hospital with us for 4 almost 5 hours. She was also very excited to see the new contraption that was attached to Pops’ leg when she got home the next afternoon.

She’s always said she wants to be a Doctor when she grows up. Spending hours looking page by page of my Anatomy and Physiology books from my nursing college days. Just for the record I flunked out thanks to depression and my loss of interest in being a pee on. No offense to those you who are nurses or in training to be one. I just had no desire to be the one changing the dirty beds and all the other bodily fluids. My new desire is to keep those things on the inside while I look at them with radiation, ultrasound, and magnets. Back to the topic at hand!

Bug asked question after question about all the different parts that she could see. Then as we were all getting ready for bed that night she stood at my side and watched me prep the bag and tubing for bed. She was silent and intense as she watched. Normally this is the time when she decides to run around the house chasing the dog and getting him all wound up. She also tries to sneak snacks and drinks as much as she can. I half expected to field a million questions once we were in our room getting our selves all bedded down for the night, but I only got hugs and kisses and off to sleep she went. The next morning still nothing out of the ordinary. It was like she knew all she needed to know about this new routine.  Then it happened.

Sitting outside on the patio while dinner was cooking she started asking her questions. Why does he have it? How did they do it? Will he always have it? How does it work? and the only I’ve been waiting for………..When can I empty it.  Yup Dr. Bug is in the house! She now knows all she needs to know to handle this new toy.  I’m dreading the day that I find her gloved up, alcohol pads open and urinal in place draining Pops’ catheter bag.  Soooo to be on the safe side for when it does happen tonight’s prep included an education and warning on how to do and to not do it unless I’m there with her.

I spent my childhood learning about pregnancy and baby development. I was 12 when my sister got pregnant with my oldest Niece and I would call her every week to tell her about her babies development at that stage. In her delivery room I reminded her of all the phases of delivery and exactly what her baby would be going through after her birth. Needless to say I was kicked out the room pretty early on. Bug on the other hand is going to be like the little boy in Kindergarten Cop telling Arnie Schwarzenegger that “boys have a penis and girls have a vagina”. Telling her class all about Catheters, bladders and urine. I’m going to be the envy of all the parents!!!

Have I told you guys that I LOVE my little Doctor.  I pray that if that is her true dream that I’m able to help her make it come true. She would make a great one with her tender heart and hands.


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