Posted by: shyflutterby | May 6, 2012

Maybe I’m doing something right….

My Sunday Afternoon and evening has been spent just browsing from Caregiver site to Caregiver site just looking for information and trying to connect with other caregivers. I came across a many different things but one has stood out the most to me today.

Apparently I’m part of a group….something about sandwich gap or something like that. It means that I care for an elderly family member (mostly the actual people that are a part of this sandwich are children caring for parents) and I take care of a child. I must not be the only one who worries about what this is doing to my Bug. Most of the sites that talked about this stated that you needed to involve the child in the care. That it not only helps you out but it lets them know how much we love our family and that we will do anything for them. But it also said to make sure you tell them how wonderful they are in their helping, and to also praise them for all they do.  Soooo maybe my thoughts about how damaging this way of life is on Bug really isn’t such a worry after all. She is after all seeing that my love of family will cause me do do ANYTHING to help them. I just hope the stress level tapers off a bit for a while.



  1. She will grow to be a nurturing, caring person. The old saying …You reap what you sow comes to mind. Just keep doing what your doing!!

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