Posted by: shyflutterby | May 4, 2012

A Good list

Last night I laid in bed thinking about how my blog posts on here and on the blog I keep for my life with Pops are always so negative! I don’t want people to read my posts and think that I feel my life is 100% horrible. It’s not! It’s far from it. I have good days where everything is right in the world, days where life is just that, life. Boring everyday things. Then there’s the days that usually end up vented about on one or both of my blogs. So today I’ve declared to be a good day. And I’m going to share some of the moments in our life that has given me a million smiles to carry in my heart for the rest of my life in the form of a list!

  • Bugs first day at home.
  • The weekend I was called “Cinny” instead of Mommy.
  • Millions of times watching the same movie over and over and over…….
  • The endless talking in her sleep
  • Walking around the house wearing my under garments
  • Getting her 2 front teeth on Christmas Morning 12/07
  • Pudding Vampire
  • Eating a stick of butter
  • Annoying Justin Bieber
  • Being told I have “Donkey Breath”
  • Only able to swim with head under water
  • the Questions…..”REALLY mom REALLY”
  • Pickles for Breakfast
  • laughing so hard while still asleep
  • Crying through all of Alice in Wonderland
  • Her Love of Rush Limbaugh
  • Her dislike of President Obama
  • Her desire to meet and live with Sarah Palin
  • The Millions of Babies she made Pops give birth too
  • Telling me it Smells like HELL in the house after a clogged drain
  • “Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm I got two daddies”
  • foofing her food
  • Yogurt covered meat
  • Her never ending always surprising imagination
  • Curiosity about the medical aspect of the human body
  • Her stead fast never changing desire to be a Dr for kids
  • Drinks like a fish out of water and in water swims just like one
  • her natural ability to get dogs to follow her commands
  • playing in the bath together
  • “everyone likes me cuz I’m a blonde.”
  • Love of doing chores even the toilets and cat’s litter box
  • almost killing the fish because “I was hungry”
  • The joy of meeting princesses at Disneyland

These are the moments and things said or done that has made my heart pitter pat. Good things happen and my life is full of smiles. I just forget to talk about them.


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