Posted by: shyflutterby | October 4, 2009

Always a brides maid never a bride….

With a twist to it. You know how most matchmakers in the old days were always single and had the ability to match the perfect couple? That’s me. I personally have 3 successful marriages that I have created. I have taken people and matched them with barely knowing them and created in some cases a happy family. That’s just since I realized just how good I am at reading people. Each year it’s that much better. So, why can’t I do the same thing for myself? Why is it my choice in men end up being total losers that I think I can fix?? Ok so I already know that I have Co dependency issues. Tonight I took a guy I was interested in and hooked up with another friend of mine, because I knew that it would be better for him and for her for them to go down that road. I’ve already told my BFF the man she is ment to be with, but because of some past issues that she has she keeps pushing him away. Finding reason’s to deny what is ment to be. That’s just her. Bug’s Dad was a re bound for the man who I still to this day think I am ment to be with. Only down side…..he couldn’t keep me in his life in that aspect out of fairness to me because he couldn’t walk away from his responsibility to his children and ex wife. I respect him for his love and devotion to them…..but yet hate that he didn’t think I could handle that he was tied to all of them for life. Even after having Bug he didn’t think I knew where he was coming from. Even tho I want so badly to kick Bug’s father out of our life but suck up my feelings towards him for the sake of Bug. He’s not a bad man, just not the most intelligent of men. I know that Bug’s dad is a part of my life for the rest of my life, just like his ex and his children are. But I’ve gotten off topic here.

I started this post because I’m so good at judging people and seeing just what they truly are behind the facade that most people put up for the public to see. I’ve been raised to see what people truly are. Read the body language, watch the facial expressions. listen to what they say and how they say it to see if what they are saying is truly what they mean.  So how come when it comes to men for myself I can’t do that? I’ve be able to pick one man out of 10 and say that man is perfect for this friend of mine or vice verse. I can seriously pick out a guy and tell you just who that man is ment to be with. I could even do it blind folded!!  People are very easy to read if you pay close enough attention. but yet, ask me which man is going to be right for me and I will pick the worst one possible. That’s a big reason why I’ve stopped dating. I’ve tried to pick the opposite of what I would normally choose but in the end I end up with Bug’s dad. A good guy with no brains, low self esteem. So, tell me…….why is it a matchmaker never finds her own match???


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