Posted by: shyflutterby | August 4, 2009


Saturday night, I’m sitting in mine and Bug’s Bedroom watching TV. This isn’t unsommon during baseball season. The TV in teh living room is for all baseball games that are broadcast. Anyway, bug come strolling into the room, stops in the door way and rasies her hand in the air. Waving, and says……….”Hi Cinny” turns around and goes back to the living room.  I sat there in aww, No one calls me by my name. people at work my parents when I’m in trouble, but never anything more then Cin, or Soupy. So to have Bug call me by my first name just struck me in a variety of ways. First it was hilarius. Oh so non chalantly, like it’s want she’s called me her whole life. Like I’m not her Mom, or Mommy, or Mama. I’m just the person living in her house named Cindy. I expected her to pick up on the Soupy WAY before she picked up on Cindy! 

The rest of the weekend I was “Cinny”.  We go to a water park and while playing in the water it’s not “look mommy” it’s “look Cinny”. “I no hungry Cinny”  “Cinny I take a bath now?”   She would slip here and there and call me Mom.  She’s not even 3 yet and I’ve lost being that special person “MOM” in her life.  Sigh……..maybe one day I will be that person again. 

In the meantime she’s obsessed with “mine Fautter”  for her Dad. “mine Boy fend” for our neighbor Jeremy.  And last but not least…..” Mine cat Yillow Ann”  For our cat Willow.

Ahhh the language progression of a 2 1/2 year old. It makes me laugh, and a small part of me cry.


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