Posted by: shyflutterby | July 6, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

Wow, I planned on trying to post everyday but then the weekend hit. Friday Bug, Her dad and I took a “family” day to go enjoy the Greeley Stampede. It’s times like these that I normally get really annoyed and tired of BF because there’s only so much time I can spend with him before he really irritates me.  But, I actually enjoyed this day with him. He put aside his normal need to be the most important and controlling on in Bug’s life, and actually let her be herself. That may have to do with the the drastic love of Rodeo’s that all three of us share.

And taking a few pictures because I wanted to remember that he isn’t always that annoying!

The two of them enjoying looking at the bulls and BF was starting to get the itch.  The itch of wanting/needing to ride.


Then For the Fouth we decided to go and enjoy a day in the Mountains. So, we loaded up in the car with sandwhiches , chips, a few snacks, and a big bottle of water. Our first stop was to Echo Lake , Then we spent about an hour and half next to a snow run off water fall, Bug got to enjoy throwing rocks, and sticks into the waterfall, and we sat and enjoyed some quiet times just watching the water flow, We finally made it to our destination of the day…..Mount Evans, The  highest paved road in America.  As a child my family used to take trips up there often.  This was Bug’s second trip up there in her life. And this time she actually got to enjoy some of the animals they have there. Which since the park has become a pay park the animals have actually disappeared.  You don’t get to see as many or as much as you used to because of the increase in visitors.  But we enjoyed climbing the rocks and exploring all the different things we could.

We ended out Day by Sitting on a dirty mountain road over looking Idaho Springs.  Waiting for their Fireworks display. They have a very good display, One I can even say may be the best fireworks display in Colorado!  mainly because of their famous Waterfall one.  On the side of a mountain then let lose a stream of fireworks that just rolls down the hill and looks just like a waterfall.  It is very breathtaking!!  And in Bug’s words…….”AWESOME”!  

So needless to say we had a very long and wonderful weekend filled with Nature!!  I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July weekend!!


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