Posted by: shyflutterby | November 18, 2008

Holiday time and no money

So the holidays are coming. And for the 2nd time in Bug’s life she won’t be celebrating with any presents but the one that Santa brings her. Last year was her first Chirstmas and was able to buy a few things from The Dollar store. And Santa’s Was helped out a little. Then not even a month after Christmas was her !st Birthday. Where I had a Dollar to my name, and was able to buy and make a birthday cake for her. Thank god for 10 for $10 sales on cake mix. No frosting so I made my own. Powder sugar milk and butter. And that is all she got for her !st birthday. MP, Pops, and I were the only ones there. No party no presents, and only a couple of pictures. Now this year I can’t even afford to buy her anything from the Dollar store. And sure as heck can’t afford to thorw any parties.

I never thought this is what her life would be like. Not once did I think that she would end up not knowing what Christmas or a Birthday truely was. But because I’m not some drugged out, jobless, projects living person. I won’t be getting any help, no specail program to provide presents for her.

Happy holidays!



  1. Ugh I feel you. My co-worker asked me if she could sponsor me for Project Merry Christmas this year. I felt sort of embarrased and ashamed, but I know I’m in the same boat as you. If someone wants to show their kindness, then I shouldn’t deny my daughter a Christmas present.

    I don’t have any extra money at all either. Its awful.

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